Save money. save time. save boring for our bots.

Let our bots do the dirty work so you can focus on what matters

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Quotation Marks

“Techie Solutions automated a task that took us 40 hours a week to perform. As a result we now save $40,000 a year!”

– Mike Munaf, Goodway Management Inc.

Who are we?

Techie Solutions is a web development and business automation studio. We save you time, money, and energy with forward-thinking technology that automates your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on the important stuff. Increase your profits by handling business-critical tasks while our bots take over everything mundane.

Step out of the past and get away from old-school procedures. Live in the present. Work in the future. Spend less time shackled to a desk and more time with your family, friends, and doing the things you enjoy.

Want to see real results?

Check out this app we built for our client. It saves them $40k a year, thousands of hours, and gives them a life outside the office.

We Free
You From The Shackles of...


Leave your Excel sheets behind. Step away from your desk. We’ll handle everything for you.

Website Scraping

Stop searching for valuable information amidst a digital sea of useless data. That’s what our bots are for.

Emails and Texts

Emails and texts are necessary evils. Our bots do them so you don’t have to.

Quotation Marks

“The script [Techie Solutions] created solved our problem and helped us complete a deliverable faster. They did a fantastic job on the project and I am looking forward to having them complete more projects for us in the future!”

– Naveen Dittakavi, ImLogical Inc

Working With Us Is Easy

STEP 1: Your Needs

We start with a live chat. Nothing too grueling. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll figure out how our bots can serve you best.

STEP 2: Formulate a Game Plan

You relax while we put together an action plan. We’ll run everything by you, get the all clear, then put on our lab coats and find the solution. 

Step 3: Delivery

Solution in hand, we take care of all of the techie stuff including hosting and maintaining the servers. All you’ve got to focus on is your business.

Case Studies

Goodway Management

How we saved a company over $40,000/year in revenue.

Next Vacay

How we saved a travel agency over a thousand man hours by automating their flight research process.

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